Welcome to SquareMeal

We are a Milwaukee-based meal prep service offering busy families an honest, healthy, cost effective solution to family meal time.

Why SquareMeal?

As a first time mom and business owner, I realized that eating out became too expensive, grocery shopping too time consuming and then there was the whole meal prep process. Most days, I was either missing ingredients or didn’t have the energy to cook. Then, I would drive thru a fast food only to spend $5+ per person on sodium and preservative laden foods.

Why are our meals better?

We are not a re-heat and serve type service. Everything is prepared, seasoned and assembled, then frozen in our commercial kitchen. You still have to fully cook your meals in the oven, crockpot, or saute pan.  You choose when to cook, so it is cooked for the first time.  Tastes and feels fresh.

Here’s how it works

You choose an “aisle”:
  • Everyday Favorites
  • Paleo/Gf/Dairy-Free/Nut-free
  • Vegetarian.

Everyday Favorites are produced every other week.  Paleo, Vegetarian, and other "specialty" packs are produced on revolving schedules, usually once a month.

Each pack contains (5) or (10) meals that will feed your family of (4) - 2 adults and 2-kids. If you are hearty eaters, you can further supplement the meal with a fresh salad or loaf of fresh French bread.

Place your order by the deadline date, and we will have your meals ready to go about 7 days later.  You can pick up at two convenient locations or have your meals delivered for a small delivery charge.

You get fresh-frozen meals for your family to use at your convenience. We do the grocery shopping, cut all the vegetables, season and assemble everything and then pack it for your freezer.

About Us

I am Cat, This is Mark.  We are the proprietors of SquareMeal.  In our spare time, we also run 2-restaurants in the greater Milwaukee area and we have a very fun and active little one.  We take much pride in what we do.  We believe in a fresh product, always from scratch.  We believe that our food should be hearty and tasty.  We believe in fair wages for our employees, a respectful work environment and an open door policy.  We hope you enjoy what we love doing.
After all - everyone deserves a SquareMeal.